Welcome to Life Beyond the Box

Welcome to Life Beyond the Box!  We are so excited about launching this blog as it is happening at the same time as the launch of the website. We do hope you will become a regular visitor.

This is where we will share with you about what we love to do which is helping people find their bliss. Although we do offer concierge services, our passion and purpose are to craft indulgent experiences that ignite passions and inspire people to live a life beyond the box. 

What to expect from this blog

  • Information on mindful living
  • Exploration of how to live our best life and doing more of what we love
  • Helpful tips and advice
  • Company updates
  • Any sales and events taking place

Rules of Engagement

Please join us as we explore ways to live our best life and do more of what makes us happy.  To create a safe environment, we have come up with some guidelines:

  • What is published in this blog represents our views and we absolutely encourage you to respond with your thoughts & musing, comments, suggestions and questions
  • Please ensure your comments are relevant to the discussion taking place
  • Profanity, racist comments, and rude behavior will NOT be tolerated, and we will remove any comments that are offensive, disrespectful, or irrelevant
  • Please refrain from advertising or promoting yourself
  • Please be patient with us with regards to responding to your comments
  • Don’t Forget – this is a public forum so please refrain from posting anything private and confidential

If you have specific customer service related questions, please complete the contact form with as much information as possible.

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